Peggy Marshall

Achieving Your Dreams

If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind. -Seneca Every year most of us start the year with dreams that we want to make happen. The first question for you is-are these dreams that you want for yourself or are you living someone else’s dream? Have you become numb to what you really want in order to be sensible or gain approval from someone else? 2010 can be your break-out year!! This is the year to get really clear on what you want and stop settling for less than that.
Dr Peggy Marshall

Changing Our Stories

Last month your assignment was to explore the stories you tell in the areas of health, happiness, work, family and relationships. We focused on these five areas because we sometimes have the most creative and revealing stories in these areas of our lives. As you reflect on the stories you wrote begin to deconstruct them by identifying the hero or heroine, the victims, the circumstances, who has power and who doesn’t, and the general feeling you have about the story. Did you like you stories or did you find that some parts of your stories need changing?