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Over the years Discover The Region Publications has been successfully producing publications spotlighting the lifestyle of local regions throughout the US. Here you can view full select issues of Discover The Phoenix Region Magazine.

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In Memory of Pat Hicks

In Loving Memory to Pat Hicks

Pure Love, made in the image (imagination) and likeness (Love) of our Creator, the essence of life itself, a perfect, whole, complete, radiant light of the universe.

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The Bus Stop In Arizona

Less than a decade after Marilyn Monroe’s 1962 death, Billy made an emotional decision that, had he lived until friend Debbie Reynolds 2012 auction, he would have severely regretted. “I used to have six of Marilyn's dresses,”

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Peggy Marshall

Achieving Your Dreams

If a man knows not what harbor he seeks, any wind is the right wind. -Seneca Every year most of us start the year with dreams that we want to make happen. The first question for you is-are these dreams that you want for yourself or are you living someone else’s dream? Have you become numb to what you really want in order to be sensible or gain approval from someone else? 2010 can be your break-out year!! This is the year to get really clear on what you want and stop settling for less than that.

Jodie-I truly appreciate all you did for Litchfield Park with our history on your website and in the publication of the magazine for our Litchfield Park Centennial Celebration. We were blessed to have your input and appreciate your attendance at our meetings. I thank you for the blogging opportunity, for it was a unique experience for me! Stay in touch

Celeste CrouchLitchfield Park Historian

Jodie Wilson of Discover The Region has tremendous skills.  Her work is first class and she is a stickler for perfection.

Brenda WilliamsOwner, Brenda’s Gift Baskets

Jodie- If I was to rank order all of the ‘parts’ of our weekend long celebration I would put the magazine as first. It was so much fun to ask if people knew the history and to be able to hand them that magazine that was so professionally done. I can’t thank you enough for stepping up with the idea and for all the help along the way.

Meredeth StuckeyLitchfield Park Churches and Boy Scouts
Jodie is a very talented marketer with great ideas. Her products and services are unique and really work!
Christopher AmosMarketing Consultant – Digital Media Specialist

I have known Jodie Wilson for many years and eagerly look forward to each issue of her Discover the Region Magazine. Her vast array of articles feature the ‘best of the best’ that the Region has to offer. Each photo filled page makes for a visual delight as well as interesting reading, offering fun and new places for dining, visiting and exploring!

The people who are featured in Discover the Region magazine are always fascinating and make me feel like I have just been introduced to a new, exciting and accomplished friend.

Publisher, Jodie Wilson always finds new Discoveries to share with her vast readership.

If I had to have just one magazine to read, it would be Discover the Region! And, coming from Hollywood, this says it all! Go DTR; Go Jodie Wilson!

Terrie FrankleDoublemint Twin, Sedona Seven Arches Live, Sedona, Arizona

We were in need of a Designer that could create a digital flip-book of our quarterly magazine for our website.  Jodie was referred to me through an outside business resource. Jodie was fast, prompt and an accommodated all of our needs.  I would highly recommend her !

Dana BondonAdministrative Manager, Desert Mountain