The Wiser Divorce

The Wiser Divorce

Angie HallierAngie Hallier has heard it all over the last twenty or so years when it comes to people ending their marriages. Founding partner of Arizona’s #1 family law firm, Hallier and Lawrence, she is brilliant divorce lawyer, certified family specialist, philanthropist, and has recently added best selling author to her accolades.

Her first book, The Wiser Divorce – Positive Strategies for your Next Best Life offers advice on how to deal with the initial shock of divorce and negative emotions, how to reject old patterns and communicate effectively. “One of the most important things when divorcing is to have a wise strategy in place”, she explains. “Putting your children first is a priority as is finding the right divorce lawyer for you. Most people have no idea what is entailed in going to court. Judges can be quite unpredictable.”

“One of the things that I stress in my book is to follow your attorney’s advice,” she says. “I can’t tell you how in my practice how much good advice I have given to my clients that they don’t follow! You have to know when to compromise and when to fight. Another thing that is paramount is your attitude…. what you say and how you say it. You’d be surprised how this can impact those around you.”

According to Ms. Hallier, most people who don’t have a strong strategy in place lose time, money and are not prepared for the emotional investment of the divorce process. Explains Hallier, “It is fundamental to work toward collaboration and healing and to move toward purpose and grace into building your next best life.” My book helps them do just that.

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Amazon: “THE WISER DIVORCE: Positive Strategies for Your Next Best Life is about realistic strategies and positive solutions. Divorce is never an easy time, but going into it prepared can make the difference between just surviving and achieving your Next Best Life. Attorney Angie Hallier, managing partner of Hallier & Lawrence, Certified Family Law Specialist and judge pro tempore, discusses how to talk to your children, find the right attorney, watch the bottom line and keep courts and judges from controlling your destiny. You can achieve the optimal outcome at the end of the legal process and move forward with hope as an individual and as a family. The Wiser Divorce is possible.

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