Pat Hicks Author

The Mystery Play
By Pat Hicks


You see, I am not the mind that writes books. Though brilliant, the mind is only thoughts, powerless egoic thoughts, thoughts of judgment, fear and regret, yet also thoughts of mercy, charity and compassion. The mind doesn’t create, only God creates. We are given our minds to negotiate through the relative world of humanness, and the mind serves a useful purpose, but it is not who we are. We are not mind, we are Awareness – that which was never born, and never dies. It is perfect, radiant, silent, undivided Life itself, living us, breathing us, beating our hearts. We are as waves, one with the ocean, inseparable from it and each other, inseparable from the ocean, all waves in the Divine Ocean of Beingness.

Scientifically speaking, we are literally a mass of subatomic particles expanding and moving through our universe since the Big Bang. It is condensed into form at the whim of God to act out our purpose on Shakespeare’s “stage” in a Mystery Play. Shakespeare says, “All the world is a stage.” We all are players in the unfolding of a Divine Mystery Play since the beginning. Ask Jesus. He knows all this. With this knowing, I still have work to do. I need to comprehend the incomprehensible: Awareness: What is it? Where is it? Can I see it? Nope. It just is, and I am It. My sweet Lord, I really want to know you… John Lennon.

Not with my mind. It cannot discern the Truth. Only my Heart can. So try thinking with your heart…We’ll be together again…Carl Fischer–sung by Frankie Laine.