Litchfield Park, Arizona

Litchfield Park was selected by APRA

The City of Litchfield Park is pleased to share that Arizona Parks & Recreation Association (APRA) selected our Centennial Celebration as this year’s Outstanding Community Special Event for populations under 25,000.

Litchfield Elementary School History

Mrs. Mabel Padgett, wife of John Padgett a surveyor for Goodyear, was the first teacher. Mr. Rayner arranged for seats, equipment and free textbooks. The school’s enrollment increased daily and by January 1, 1918 enrollment had reached 80 children. Plans were made to select a permanent school site.
Dr Peggy Marshall

The Formula for Success

It’s January-the time of year that many of us make resolutions-changes that we are absolutely committed to in 2011. Or maybe you decided that you didn’t want to make a resolution this year because you always lose momentum early and feel that you have failed. I am going to be discussing a strategy to help you rethink what success means to you. The strategy is to monitor our movement through the stages of change-not just the end goal. Just moving through the stages of change into action is a great success. Also, I am using the word goals rather than resolutions because we can come close to reaching goals with resolutions we are entering an either-or space. Thinking about the changes we want to make in terms of goals recognizes that we take actions towards targets rather than being firmly resolved to either do something or not do something.