Summertime Sensual Perceptions

Summertime Sensual Perceptions

A Perceptions of a Painter’s WorldInspiration for “The Perfect Mood”

There has to be a harmony when I have put the invited guests and the delectable meal together.Harmony between smell, taste and colour.

Themed food to compliment the themed art from my ‘artist’ invited guest.

Menu: Seasonal greens and ‘spilling the beans’ fava or lima beans, and fresh fruits for simple dessert
Guests: Jacopo Pontormo, J.M.W. Turner, & Helen Frankenthaler
Art and Food

Kathryn HennemanIt took a bit of doing to get everyone together.
But in the end all three heartedly agreed to
come together to dine with me.

Summertime feelings all the way around.

Jacopo Pontormo was eager to reminisce about the village
of Pontome, near Empoli in 1494 where he grew up.
In the later 1520’s, Pontormo came into renewed contact
with Michelangelo. with a resulting reaccommodation of his
art to the notion of classical harmony.

J.M.W. Turner was quick to point out to me and stressed the fact
that he looked on hisworks as his children and grieved at being
parted from them. An important aspect that I too can related to in
my own works.

Helen Frankenthaler is one of my all time favorites. Her works are as
simple as they are complex and as non-structured as they are functional.

I turned to Italy for this simple luncheon fare. Particularly, I am passionate
about the cooking of Antonio Carluccio. Seasonal greens and ‘spilling the beans’ fava or lima beans, and fresh fruits for simple dessert.

His regional Italian dishes are food
he is passionate for. Thank you for inspiring me, Antonio.

I find that the ‘The Perfect Mood’ illustrates my point for ‘Summertime SensualThe Perfect Mood
Pleasures: Art and Food’

So too, let my painting(s) act as your personal receiver – transmitter as
through it you direct positive energy sending health and well-being throughout
your mind/body.

Enjoy your art adventure.

Kathryn Henneman