A Queer Q & A

“A Queer Q & A”
12 Religious Questions You’ve Always Wanted To Ask A Gay Person

If you’re a deep thinker like me, then I’m sure you’ve wondered about what gay people think about the Bible, and religion in general. What church do they go to? Do some turn them away? Do they believe they will go to heaven?

So, I created a Queer Q & A, where I interview an LGBT person about many things; children, media, relationships – anything you have ever questioned but were too scared to ask them.

This first interview was beyond interesting, as this person’s answers not only shocked me but encouraged me to think outside of the box when it comes to both religion and faith.

EL-travis-profile-reduced copySubject: Travis (@whatsupdocnavy)
Age: 25
Race: African-American
Occupation: Active Military, Navy division
LGBT identification: Gay
Relationship Status: In a serious relationship
Religion: Christian

Q1.) What is a common misconception about gay people when it comes to religion?

A common misconception is that gay people aren’t religious and don’t believe in God. That is completely wrong. There are gay Christians and gay Muslims and things like that. Just because they are gay doesn’t mean they don’t believe in God.

Q2.) Specifically, what religion do you follow?

I’m more of a spiritual person than a religious person. When it comes to the Bible, people get too wrapped up literally in what it says. They aren’t opening up their minds and thinking outside the box and outside of the context of the words. I more spiritual because I don’t follow the Bible word for word. I grew up in the church. But, I know that if I go to a church they would say I was wrong for my lifestyle and that I’m going to hell. Not all churches, but that’s what you’re going to get walking into a church. That’s not a positive atmosphere I want to be in. The house of God is supposed to be uplifting. Things that require a deeper meaning gets lost in translation.

Q3.) What do you think about churches that try to force gay people to be straight, as they believe that is what God wants?

Pressuring people to fit in your mold of what God wants for them is unacceptable. You don’t know what God wants for them. Those religiously extremist Christians are the ones doing the most harm and giving Christianity a bad name.

The Bible was such a long time ago. Things that happened back then don’t happen as much as they happen now. For you to try to paraphrase a book that was written years ago and try to leave your life by that book is kind of sitting yourself up for failure.
Q4.) Do you view homosexuality as a sin?

According to the Bible, it’s a sin. But it’s a sin just like everything else. And if it is a sin and it is wrong or whatever, it is no more wrong than any other harmless sin that other people do daily. They say no sin is bigger than the other but I feel like that has lost it’s meaning. The whole point of that is to say sin is sin.

Q5.) Do you feel if you don’t actively repent in being gay that it enables you to live a life of sin?

I don’t feel like I should actively have to repent for being gay. It comes down to your character, who you are, and how you treat others. It comes down to that more so than me being gay and having to repent for that every day. So I don’t repent for it.

Q6.) Have you seen any churches that you feel are supportive or gay-friendly that you would like to join?

I can’t think of any. I feel like there are some out there in the media. Most of the areas I’ve been in aren’t accepting of homosexuality and homosexual people. That’s a reason why I haven’t been going out and trying to look for one.

Q7.) Since you don’t attend church currently, what are some things you do to establish your relationship with God?

I pray. I pray about everything. I thank God for everything. I have an open line of communication with him and have his ear. I feel that he is listening to me and blessing me. That’s what it comes down to spirituality.

Q8.) What would you say to a conservative Christian that told you “Your lifestyle will put you in hell?”

Honestly, I would say “Ill see you there!” I feel like they really don’t know who I am. All they know is that I’m gay. They haven’t taken the time to get to know me as a person or get to know the things that I’ve done. I know they can’t judge me off of one character “flaw” as they see it.

Q9.) Do you feel that you’ll make it into heaven?

To say yes sounds like I’m being pretentious, but I feel like I have a good chance that I will, based on how I live my life and how I treat others. I am a Child on God. I treat others how I want to be treated. I love my neighbors. I bless others as God blesses me.

Being here is temporary for all of us. Our main goal is getting into heaven. By your character and by how you handle and carry yourself and treat others, all of those things allow you to get into heaven, not by judging you off of the sins that you made.
Q10.) Why do you think homosexuality is present on Earth?

I think homosexuality is a test to see if people will follow the commandment “Love thy neighbor.” People say homosexuality is a sin and that it’s the devil’s work. But, so many things are being bought to life about Homosexuality and Genetics. If God didn’t want homosexual people to exist, they wouldn’t. I don’t feel like it’s brought on by the devil because for most people Homosexuality is something they struggle with. It’s a life or death situation. Think about the homosexual kids that commit suicide. You can’t condemn kids for that.

Q11.) What do you think about gay people that have been convicted and have turned straight due to religion?

I feel like that isn’t practical. I don’t know that someone can change who they are, who they like and who they are attracted to just on a whim. It’s no easier for a straight person to turn gay than it is for a gay person to turn straight.

Q12.) Is there anything else you’d like to address regarding homosexuality and religion?

I would challenge the people that discriminate and say that homosexuality is wrong to be more Christ-like. Be more accepting, tolerating and understanding. Try to get to know those people for who they are and not by one “sin.”

People can surprise you. They can totally change the way you think. You may actually realize that not all gay people are a certain way, or that gay people or homosexuality is wrong. You may realize that you were looking through a telescope lens, when you can broaden your way of thinking.
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