Clarissa Burt

Megan Cox Founder of Wink Cosmetics

Long luscious lashes have been the latest beauty trend. Applying fake eyelashes can be frustrating, itchy Click here for the full article.

Ian Percy “My “Two Whys” Theory”

Elevate and revere the question "why?" Encourage everyone at every level to ask it. "Why" is the door to quality, to creative problem solving and to setting the organization's sights on what it is really meant to accomplish. Click here for the full article.
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Conquering your FEAR

As I was sitting at my computer thinking about my article for this month..Bing you have an e-mail from Debbie Allen, International Business Speaker and author of "Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters" . I had many topics rolling around in my head I wanted to write about this month but I had not narrowed it down to one. So I decided to take a break and read her thoughts for today. Click here for the full article.