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Dr Bret WilsonThe proliferation of mobile devices, phones, tablets and laptops has made us a society of slouches.  The technology is everywhere, but notice, not the device but the effect on the user’s posture. Commonly you will see rounded shoulders, forward head posture.  People are looking down at their cell phones, staying connected and staying contorted.

Physiology tells us that for every inch the head moves forward of the center of the shoulders, ten pounds of work are added to the posture muscles.  The typical smart phone or tablet posture moves the head three inches forward of center, adding thirty pounds.  The result can be headaches, neck, shoulder and arm pain, and increased fatigue.

Improve your posture while using these devices.  Align your ears, shoulders, and hips in a straight line.  Move the phone up to your eyes instead of looking down at the screen.  If you must look down, look up frequently and avoid prolonged periods of time in the forward head posture.  The result will be improved posture reducing stress and fatigue.

Perform exercise and stretches that alter your forward head and rounded shoulder posture.  Raise your arms and then pull them back, squeezing the shoulder blades together.  Put your elbows on the sides of a door way and push your chest forward to open the chest and shoulders.  Perform chin tucks, think of using your chin moving backward to put your head back over the center of your shoulders.  Put the phone down and take a walk, practicing good upright posture as you move your body.

Be smart with your use of smart devices.  Don’t be a technology slouch.   Every time your phone notifies you of a new text, call or email, use it as a reminder to practice better posture.

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