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something that is added especially to make a product, service, etc., more appealing

: a person hired to act in a group scene in a movie

Full Definition of Web-EXTRA

1:  one that is extra or additional: as

a :  a special edition of a newspaper

b :  an added charge

c :  an additional worker; specifically :  one hired to act in a group scene in a motion picture or stage production

d :  an attractive addition or accessory :  frill 

:  something of superior quality or grade
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Conquering your FEAR

As I was sitting at my computer thinking about my article for this month..Bing you have an e-mail from Debbie Allen, International Business Speaker and author of "Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters" . I had many topics rolling around in my head I wanted to write about this month but I had not narrowed it down to one. So I decided to take a break and read her thoughts for today. Click here for the full article.
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Advertising in a Tough Economy

Businesses that continue to promote in a tough economy have a stronger and greater chance of a full recovery. Often one of the first things businesses do in a financially tough economy is cut back on advertising. Studies show the businesses that reduces their marketing are at risk of being forgotten. This is the best time to keep your "Open for Business" sign on. Clients may assume you are not ready to provide product or services , or worse, assume that you are out of business. Click here for the full article.
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Success in Business

The other day I had an unwanted guest show up in my house. It was a little grey mouse. It took a liking to my books. As I was sorting through my collection I found a book I read a number of years ago, "Practical Mysticism" by David Samuel. Click here for the full article.
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Increase your Marketing Readership

Increase your Marketing Readership with a Double Path Article. There are two types of readerships Analytical and Impulsive. So to get the most bang for your buck you need to appeal to these two personality extremes. While most sales letters appeal to one extreme at the expense of the other, you can very easily incorporate both. Click here for the full article.


Jodie Wilson began her career as a medical receptionist, working in chiropractic and doctor offices before switching over to medical billing and office managing.  In these roles, Jodie established herself as the go-to person for client service and issue resolution, office management practices, and supporting the needs of the team. Subsequent to her role in office management, Jodie began working for Cargill Inc., the largest independently owned company in the world. She first served in customer Click here for the full article.
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Jodie Wilson Twitter Client Pooped on Me!

One fine day I was enjoying myself, surfing the net, sending tweets (twitter messages) and building my friends and followers lists. As a result, I began to receive e-mails from some of the other twitter users. The emails had interesting and provocative topics about increasing search engine optimization (SEO) and building your business on the web. Because, I own a website and do most of my research from my computer, I started reading some of the advertisements that were sent to me. The problem was the emails were outside of the safe confines of Twitter, and they were from sources I was not familiar with. ( I should have heeded the warning I give to my grandchildren, “Stranger / Danger!”) I went to read more about a product and it attached keyword launch advertisements to my computer. Suddenly, PLOP right on my computer, I had contracted not the swine flu but a spyware/adware virus. Click here for the full article.


MISSON: Discover the Region connects business and community leaders to enhance economic development, expand tourism and showcase lifestyle. Local Focus.... Global Reach... Discover the Best Your Region Can Be. Welcome to Discover the Region Discover the Region enjoys a loyal fan base of regular readers and users. It is a multi-media publication featuring website, print, digital and Smartphone app technology creating a multi-faceted user experience. Enhanced by a comprehensive directory Click here for the full article.