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BEST of Promotion for 2016

BEST of Promotion for 2016

Promotion is the lifeblood of business, whether you run a small company in your community, an eCommerce website, or you own a law firm, promotion is the only you can get the word out about your business and get more people to buy your product and increase your revenue. While promotion is one of the most important things you can do for your business, it is even more important the way you choose to promote as we look forward to 2016.

The best strategy is about the right mixture of modern online methods and familiar offline tactics. We take a look at the options and promotion strategies that will work best in 2016.

I. Print Ads
Advertising in the modern era have been categorized into online and offline advertising, with internet advertising takingDiscover The Phoenix Region the highest shares however despite the dominance of internet-based advertising, we must not forget the tried and tested method of traditional advertising.

Print ads have been around for years, it ranges from bill-board advertising, flyers, stickers, print magazine advertisement and posters. These have done great before internet and should not be left behind in your campaign.

II. Social media
There have been a lot of impact made by social media in the recent times, marketing with social media is one of the best promotional methods you can use for your small or big business, and it needs to be done consistently to reap the most benefits. The best part of using social media is that it is free. Concentrate your marketing efforts where your prospects are and avoid spreading yourself thin. Facebook may work best for an eCommerce website while LinkedIn may be best social media promotion for a law firm. Remember not to waste your time on networks that does not generate leads.

III. Email marketing
Generating leads can take time through incorporation of various promotional method, but one of the methods that works effectively is “email marketing”. Collect emails address and be sure to send out your newsletters and offers to your lists systematically. This will result in repeat customers. Email marketing is being used by big companies, if it is not working, they would not be using it. Why not you?

IV. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
One of the fastest ways to get people to know your business is through utilizing a method called “Pay-Per-Click” campaigns. This type of advertising is mostly served by big search engine companies like Google, where they show your business to the relevant people, to people searching for something related to your business. PPC is one of the best ways to promote your business, as your Ads are shown to people interested in your business. With PPC you will certainly see an increase in web traffic and sales.

V. Search Engine
The common methods people use to promote their business and which is going to get even more competitive in 2016 is through search engine; this involves creating a website that can appear in Google, Yahoo and Bing. It takes time to have your website appearing in the front page of search engine, but with the right “search engine optimization” technique, the Google will be the one promoting your business and showcasing your contents to searchers.

The best way you can promote your business is through diversified marketing plan that is narrowed down where your potential buyers are and focus on those areas. This may vary based on your industry and market. As 2016 draws near we are going to see even more competition in advertisement but using the right strategies mentioned above can set you above the rest.

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