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Resolve during the Holiday Season

Resolve during the Holiday Season

Becky_2012_compressedI am thinking about the resolve it takes to live in accordance to The Twelve Laws of Simple Health especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season. If you are in the early stages of transitioning from the standard American lifestyle-to-lifestyle medicine the holiday foods, stress and temptations may seem overwhelming. If you are to overcome the usual holiday temptations you will have to keep your mind focused on simple health. There are many things that I had to change in my lifestyle in order to reclaim my health. Every inch of my life was open to examination and correction. How I celebrated the holidays was at the top of the list. Since in the American culture we have no shortage for holidays and celebrations mastering the way you will celebrate them will be to your best interest. For those of you that are on your own personal pursuit of simple health the following thoughts will assist your resolve during this holiday season.


Remember that The Twelve Laws of Simple Health are a summary of what lifestyle medicine looks like. They are not the letter of the law but rather the spirit of the law.

  • They guide, not force.
  • They protect, not imprison.
  • They instruct, not forbid.
  • They assist, not impede.
  • They teach, not indoctrinate.
  • They prevent, not ignore.
  • They enrich, not deprive.
  • They empower, not restrain.


The benefits are endless when you master living in accordance to The Twelve Laws of Simple Health. The benefits however are attached to your thinking judiciously about your health.

Use The Twelve Laws of Simple Health as your guide as you enter into the holiday season and you will be all the stronger in your pursuit of health and wellness in the midst of celebrations, gatherings and parties.

Critical health thinkers are pro health, pro life and pro discipline.

Critical health thinkers master simple health all year long and enjoy foods not usually incorporated in daily menus several days during the holiday season. (None of these foods are dangerous or unhealthy but rather healthy compromises)

Mastery of The Twelve Laws of Simple Health before the holidays remains the first line of defense against the indulgences of the season.

Preparing for success begins with how you think and then what you do. It will be to late to stop the power of the holiday festivities if you don’t first address your thinking.

The SHM definition of health should remain in the center of your holiday celebration.

Health is the process by which you care for your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Read “Fit for Life” during the holiday season or any of the resources I recommend on my web site @ www.simplehealthministries as a good reminder of why healthy celebrations are worthy of mastering.


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